May 23, 2016




Oh man… another Spring as a forager. I’ve been at it in earnest now for about 15 Springs and it’s become something i really can’t live without. 


After a long winter of frozen store bought greens, there’s nothing in the world quite like harvesting your food right from the rich, wild, damp earth of the season. And yeah i love eating all these fascinating wild edibles but what’s just as nourishing is getting out into the woods to all my favorite foraging spots and shutting down my insane computer brain for a while. Foraging can truly be a meditation of sorts....

April 29, 2016

Well, we've been absent, yes.  Actually, I've been writing away, storing blogs on the computer, but Sean has been neck deep in new music and a new way to bring it to you.  More on that in a few weeks but, trust me, when you hear where it's going, your head's gonna explode.  In any case, the man's been busy.  I was trying to wait until he got a blog done before I posted mine, but we got this email recently that made me want to cry so naturally I figured I should impose that on you fine people.  In short, the email was about how Sean's music had been the soundtrack...

November 19, 2015


C  H  R  I  S  T  I  N  A


A good (and in this instance, snarky) friend of mine sarcastically told me how much he enjoyed all the blogs we’ve been posting recently, so I resolved to put my mind numbing procrastination aside and really buckle down to write.  That was about a month ago.

In fairness, it’s been foraging harvest season in the Rowe family.  Intense, unseasonably warm, long days of harvesting.  Now, let me clarify Rowe harvest season here.  While I’d love to romanticize it as time spent as a family, frolicking through m...

September 4, 2015




Mayapple is a misnomer. It’s neither an apple nor does the fruit appear in May but, as a forager it’s way at the top of my list of most relished wild plants. It has a nice friendly mix of extremely toxic parts (root, leaves and unripe fruit and seeds) and an edible ripe fruit that really has to be put in it’s own category of greatness. It has this lemony-tart and sweet combo while exuding an extremely rich aroma that really doesn’t compare to anything else i know. For those that freak out about eating a plant that has some poisonous parts remember, potat...

August 13, 2015

raw, honest, and unfiltered. i want to know you guys. i want to connect.  i want you to hear my songs and know that they are coming from someplace honest.  so, here it is.  a chronicle of our messy, strange, nomadic lifestyle.  with a get to hear my wife's perspective too. maybe even sometimes the kids'. because who am i before a songwriter, but a partner and a father?  here, we've collaborated to document all this craziness with as much honesty and pure love that we can muster. every week, we'll be here, and we hope you will be too....

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