Sean Rowe releases a letter to fans detailing some big upcoming changes, including the new album, his own record label, and a licensing deal.  Read the letter below:

Friends, it's time for the 2016 recap.  The past year has proved to be an epic journey for my musical life.  It took a real leap of faith to get to the point we’re at now. 

Last winter, around this time,  I had the equivalent of a mid-life music crisis, and it forced me to look very closely at how wanted my career to look over the course of the next few decades.  The conclusion  I came to: I think it’s wise that every once in a while you just gotta shake the dice up and roll with a new combination. 

As you know by now, at that time, we decided as family to take a less traveled path and rely on the fans to help us fund the making of the new record. We nailed our Kickstarter goal of $43,000 in 2 weeks! I promptly and happily drove out to Memphis to live my dream, and recorded a new album in 10 days with some of the coolest strangers / musicians i’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. To put it succinctly…we all kicked ass. 

I really don’t think it would have been possible if I did not see the value in creating strong personal connections with you guys. Since you’ve been following me here, you know a couple of years ago we launched a nationwide house concert tour that was probably the most intense grass roots approach I've ever taken with my music. It brought me into your homes and your lives and what I got back from you all was ten fold. At every house, barn, chicken coop, apartment, loft, and church, we made a real connection and you guys proved your loyalty and belief in my music by putting your money into my songs. Now this record is done and dusted and I'm proud to say That I feel it’s my best work. 

Our realization that a new path could be forged in this cluttered business of music gave birth to a crazy idea... Sean Rowe's very own label entity: THREE RIVERS RECORDS. 

There’s a thread through this new album and it’s wrapped around the things I value the most in this life: My family, music and nature. Hence, the name Three Rivers.  The place where those rivers intersect is where I plan on pitching my camp. As you’ll hear on this new record, it has everything to do with family, being on the road, and striving for balance in this crazy twisted trail leading to God knows where. 

So...we made the record and now the focus will be promotion and distribution for a spring of 2017 release!  As you get further in the music business you begin to realize that you can’t fight all the battles and that some are best fought by the people who have the right uniforms and the latest hi-tech weapons. We were offered a few Promotion & Distribution deals for the new record but then came along a proposal from our close friends from Anti Records for a licensing deal for the new album. I don’t expect you to know what a licensing deal is but it’s basically very artist-friendly, and a step in the direction towards the vision we all had for this album. In this case, the label handles the promotion and distribution for a set amount of time, and ultimately I would own the recordings when the contract is up. It’s a really good position to be in and I feel super lucky to be that fortunate.  

This record will be released as a collaboration between Three Rivers Records and the Anti- Records family. 

I’ve decided to call the album “New Lore.” To me it’s reflective of the new path we’re carving out here with all of it’s uncertainties, major drawbacks and sweet in-betweens. As we wind down this road, we’re creating new traditions and new ways of connecting with you guys.  I wanted the title to really reflect where i’m at right now. The record is very personal and there’s an element of risk in there like only good rock and roll has. You know i’m here to give you everything i’ve got. There’s really no other way for me. Thank you sincerely for sticking with me. 

Love Always,