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For those interested in self-sufficiency, clean eating and wild harvesting, Sean offers practical instruction in the field of wild edible plants. He’s the host of a YouTube video series called Can I Eat This? and can be hired for wild foraging instruction for groups, one-on-one, or even virtual consulting via zoom. 


Sean has spent over 15-years learning methods of identifying, harvesting, processing, and preparing wild foods. In 2007, he dedicated an entire year emersed in his studies at  Hawk Circle Wilderness Training Center in Cherry Valley, NY. There, he learned wilderness living skills including primitive shelter building, primitive trapping techniques, fire making, and wild edible, medicinal, and utilitarian uses of wild plants. 


Later that same year Rowe set off on a 24-day solo survival trek in the Catskills with not much more than a small pocket knife and the clothes on his back. 


“Yeah the real truth was that lost nearly 18 pounds on that trek and was almost crushed by the grass shelter that I slept in. I also did not say no to a jar of peanut butter and a pack of ramen noodles that mysteriously found their way into my stomach out there. Nature has been my greatest teacher and no book or video could replace that experience. My Yellow-footed Chanterelle and crayfish meal was one I’ll never forget.”

What can you expect from a Foraging Class?

If you’ve ever daydreamed about “living off of the land” but never felt super confident about how to approach that kind of skill, self-exploration into foraging/

wildcrafting can get you pretty far. Better yet, if you have someone with experience to show you what you can eat and what you can make out of the wild landscape, then you would be off to a great start! 


So get your bug gear, rain gear, and notebooks ready for the fascinating exploration into the world of wild plants. You’ll eat, you’ll learn and for sure, you will take home some kind of project to keep you inspired. And of course, I’ll share my foraging library with you so you can roll down the right path of all the expert foragers that have hard-won this knowledge. You will not be bored. I promise!

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