F O R A G I N G  &  S K I L L S  C L A S S E S

My love affair with nature reaches far into my music, my personal life, and my spirituality.  Foraging has always been a way for me to connect, to feel grounded, and to just damn right have a good time.  When you get to know a plant and all its nuances the way that you know your lovers' face, when you can recognize it from the car speeding at 70 mph, when you know it as your friend...these are skills that no TV show, no drug, no worldly good can replace.  

What can you expect from a Foraging Class?

If you’ve ever daydreamed about “living off of the land” but never felt super confident about how to approach that kind of skill, self exploration into foraging/

wildcrafting can get you pretty far. Better yet, if you have someone with experience to show you what you can eat and what you can make out of the wild landscape, then you would be off to a great start! 


So get your bug gear, rain gear and notebooks ready for the fascinating exploration into the world of wild plants. You’ll eat, you’ll learn and for sure, you will take home some kind of project to keep you inspired. And of course, I’ll share my foraging library with you so you can roll down the right path of all the expert foragers that have hard won this knowledge. You will not be bored. I promise!

What can you expect from a Wilderness Skills Class?

Ok so forget Naked and Afraid. How about Naked and Comfortable? Sort of. 

How about just for fun, we go out on a day hike and leave our matches and lighter at home? How would you like to go out into the landscape, pull off a dead branch from a Cottonwood tree, take your knife or sharp rocks and carve out a bow and drill fire set with nothing but your bare hands? Then, make some rope from the wild Dogbane plants that live there to use in your fire kit. Sound cool? Let’s do it! 


You’ll learn how to make survival shelters that will keep your body toasty warm in the wintertime without the use of fire. You’ll learn how to track animals, know their habits, how to hunt them for survival, how to trap them with nothing but what you find in the wild--or maybe just hunt them with a camera.


These classes will help you if you are interested in emergency preparedness but they will also help you if you are longing for a deeper connection with nature. We’ll of course touch on the survival uses of wild plants and what is seasonably available during these classes as well. 


Class Information

*aside from the Family Class and the Kids Class, we ask that children be at least 10 years or older to attend.  


*most classes will take place in upstate NY. BUT, please reach out and let us know where you are.  We often

combine house shows with foraging classes to make an entire event weekend!


*the classes will all include a list of recommended books, and an overview of the plants/skills taught during

that class.





3 Hour Group Class:

Open to the public, classes are 3 hours long and will have no more than 10 participants per class in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to hear, see, and experience! $30 per person


5 Hour Group Foraging and Wilderness Skills Class:

Open to the public, classes are 5 hours long and will have no more than 10 participants.  These classes will touch on some basics of both foraging and wilderness skills.  $60 per person 


3 Hour Private Group Class:

This is a class for you and 4 of your friends or family!  You can choose either Foraging, Wilderness Skills, or a combination of both.  This class will give you an opportunity to get a much more hands on, intimate learning experience.  You will have the chance to email any questions or topics that you would like covered during your class.  This class can take place at a spot of my choosing, or you can choose to forage your own backyard!  It's amazing to learn what you have just steps away from your door.  $75 per person


3 Hour Private Family Class:

This is a great class for families who want to get their kids involved!  We will focus not only on foraging and/or skills, but will also talk about how to incorporate these skills into your everyday family life, including ways to incorporate wild foods into your kids' diets.  With two kids (8 & 3) of our own, I've learned a lot about how to present these skills to my kids in a way that is really fun and memorable.  My wife's homeschool science curriculum is largely nature/outdoor based, and she will be there to offer insights, games, and ideas for the littles.  And, my own kids will come along to help guide the way!  Foraging together, having a learning experience together...these are some of my favorite times.  The class is for 2 adults and up to 3 children - any and all ages!  This class can take place at a spot of my choosing, or you can choose to forage your own backyard! It's amazing to learn what you have just steps away from your door. $350 per family, open to barter/skills exchange 


3 Hour Kids Class:

This is a class specifically geared towards kids ages 5-9 or 10-15.  Each class will have no more than 8 participants and in the 5-9 class, we do ask that 1 adult accompany your child (at no charge to the adult).  For the 10-15 class, an adult may, but is not required, to accompany the child.

$40 per child, includes 1 accompanying adult


3 Hour One on One Class:

Obviously the most individualized and intimate learning experience you can get!  You will have the opportunity to email any questions or topics that you would like to have covered before the class, and you will also receive a 1/2 hour Skype/Facetime follow-up (You can also choose to email questions) to answer any questions you may come up with after the class is done.  You will also receive (prior to the class) a copy of Samuel Thayer's book, The Forager's Harvest, which is my personal favorite reference guide for foraging.  $400, open to barter/skills exchange



all classes are presented through Kawing Crow Awareness Center, Greenfield Center, NY.

classes are subject to cancellation with 2 days notice if attendance minimum is not met






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